October 31, 2003

CFP: Research in Neo-Latin: Epicureanism in the Renaissance (APA 2005 Panel)
The AANLS invites proposals for a panel of papers on current
research in Neo-Latin Studies.  We will especially consider
proposals on the theme of Epicureanism in the Renaissance.
Topics that papers might address include Epicurean morality and
Christian ethics; atomism, atheism and Christianity; literary
polemics and reactionary movements; pleasure vs. virtue;
rebellion and conformism; natural science and Christian
resistance; the paradox of Epicurean Christians; Epicureanism as
a reactionary movement against scholastic neo-Aristotelianism;
the Classical tradition and the literary reception of
Epicureanism / Epicurus / Lucretius / Democritus; the influence
of the Church Fathers on Renaissance thought concerning
Epicureanism; materialism, empiricism and hedonism; Epicureanism
and the papal Index; natural scientists and philosophers on
Epicureanism: Valla, Erasmus, Gassendi, Galileo, etc.; the
Epicurean guild in Italy; and, of course, Epicureanism as food
fetish.  However, we also welcome papers on all aspects of the
study of literary, historical, technical, and scholarly works
written in Latin in the period from Petrarch forward.
One page abstracts should be sent by February 10, 2004
(postmark) to Prof. Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers, Dept. of
Modern Languages & Classics: Classics Section, 238 B. B. Comer
Hall, Box 870246, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-
0246; email asummers@ML.AS.UA.EDU. Electronic submissions
welcome. Proposals will be anonymously reviewed.

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