October 27, 2003

CFP: Association of Ancient Historians

The Department of Classical Studies and the Interdepartmental
Program in Greek and Roman History at the University of Michigan
would like to extend a warm invitation to the Annual Meeting of
the Association of Ancient Historians, May 7-9, 2004.  The theme
of the conference is “Perceptions of Change: In the Ancient
World, Of the Ancient World.”  Participants will address new
approaches to the ancient world from a variety of methodological
and disciplinary perspectives. Session topics are listed below.
Abstracts  are sought for the Panel  Sessions.
See below for submission details.

Plenary Sessions:
Perceptions of Change
Ancient History in Modern National Traditions

Chewing in Context: food, drink and place in classical antiquity
Magic in Greek myth and ritual
Sex and the City (or History at the Intersection of Culture and
Appropriations of Ancient Art: Political Contexts
Warfare and Social Organization.
Documentary Evidence and the Writing of Ancient History

Ancient Economic History for the 21st Century
Law and Social Control
Constantine and His Age: New Interpretations

Please see the conference website
(http://www.lsa.umich.edu/aah/) for more details. Abstracts
should be c.600 words in length and should be submitted by
November 1st, 2003 to Association of Ancient Historians 2004,
Attn: Anne Shore, Classical Studies Department, University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1003. Abstracts should be
formulated anonymously, and include a cover letter. Although we
would prefer that submissions be related to the proposed panel
topics, we will attempt to accommodate papers on other topics
where possible.

-- seen in the Canadian Classical Bulletin


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