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quidquid bene dictum est ab ullo, meum est ~ Seneca
~ CONF: Portus

 PORTUS: Liverpool Classics & Ancient History Research Seminar will be
hosting the following papers in Semester 2, 2004/2005:

15 February
Bob Cowan (Oxford)
'My Enemy's Enemy. Carthage's African Other through Roman Eyes'

1 March
Elena Teodorakopoulos (Birmingham): 'cacata carta: Writing and Performance
in Catullus'

15 March
Barbara Kowalzig (Oxford): 'The Aetiology of Empire? Hero-Cult and Athenian

19 April
Barbara Graziosi (Durham)
'Migrant gods: Homer, Xenophanes and Herodotus on divine movement'

The seminars take place at 5pm, Lecture Room 1, 12 Abercromby Square,
University of Liverpool. All are welcome!

Further enquires to:
Dr Alexei V. Zadorozhnyy

and/or Dr Bruce Gibson

... seen on the Classicists list

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