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NUNTII: Latin Alive and Well ...

Rocky Mountain News has a profile of Susie McGuinness and her Latin classroom at Heritage High ...

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ante diem xvi kalendas octobres

  • ludi Romani (day 12)

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NUNTII: A New Spin on the Rome-U.S. Thing

Well, if nothing else, the less-well-known emperors are making their way into the news. The Denver Post has an opinion piece on the Middle East which opens:

The ancient Romans had a word - discrimen - that describes a situation where a choice could bring either success or dismal failure. Discrimen is an appropriate descriptor for the choices that Washington confronts today in the Middle East.

After explaining the Middle East stuff, it closes:

In 250 A.D., the Roman Empire, the hegemon of its time, waged war against the Goths but, after some initial success, the legions were drawn into a marshy area and suffered a major defeat in which the Emperor Decius and his son were both slain. If the U.S. continues its present policy, will we be able to emerge from the current swamp in a way that promotes U.S. goals?

More on Decius at the DIR site ...

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REVIEWS: Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Recently reviewed (and available online):

Wilhelmina F. Jashemski and Frederick. G. Meyer (edd.), The Natural History of Pompeii. 

Biagio Virgilio, Lancia, diadema e porpora. Il re e la regalita ellenistica. (Studi Ellenistici, 14). 

Ittai Gradel, Emperor Worship in Roman Religion.

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