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TTT: 12 Black Classicists/Classica Americana

Since there does seem to be interest in this exhibit, below I present some links to information on four of the featured African-American Classicists being celebrated in M. Ronnick's exhibit at the Detroit Library. I've only managed to locate six names from the exhibition, of which four have good info on the web:

William Sanders Scarborough (includes photo)

Lewis Baxter Moore (includes photo)

Richard Theodore Greener (better photo among links at bottom)

For James Monroe Gregory, there's a bio at PBS (scroll down a bit ... it's about his father too), an excellent photo elsewhere, and in yet another place, a copy of his biography of Frederick Douglass.

I have not found anything except passing mentions of Wiley Lane and John Wesley Gilbert.


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BLOGGING 101: Extra Credit

Folks who are still wondering about blogs and blogging in general might want to check out the latest Macleans magazine. It includes this definition:

Weblogs are independent Web sites usually operated by a single person or by a small group of people. They serve as frequently updated forums to discuss whatever the blogger wants to discuss. Unmonitored, each blogger is author, editor and publisher, beholden solely to his or her own whims and desires. There are political blogs, media blogs, gay blogs, sports blogs, war blogs, anti-war blogs, tech blogs, photo blogs -- hundreds of thousands of blogs, actually (estimates are as high as two million). "Blogging is not people wasting other people's time talking about the minutiae of their lives," says Joe Clark, 38, a Toronto author who operates several blogs. "The thing that's attractive about reading Weblogs is that you know there is one human being or a group of human beings behind them."

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ante diem xviii kalendas octobres

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