Atrium Latin: Lesson 50 Template

Chapter 25 SA + Virgil

Before completing your assignment, you are strongly advised to review the vocabulary for this chapter while listening to the audio files at the Official Wheelock site. In addition, you might want hone your skills by making use of these other online resources:

  • the additional online exercises for this chapter at the University of Victoria
  • Laura Gibbs' Quia games for this chapter
  • The exercises/self tests at Ohio State
  • It's always a good idea to do the Optional Self Tutorial exercises at the back of the text. The exercises for this chapter begin on page 379 and the answers on page 416.

    The Template

    Please cut and paste the following as the subject line of your email (fill in the appropriate 'epithet' identifying which section of the course you're in):

    Atrium Latin [epithet]: Chapter 25 SA + Virgil

    This is the template itself; cut and paste it into your mail program (don't forget to adjust the initials):

    ========================= copy below this
    SA 01 ZZZ
    SA 02 ZZZ
    SA 03 ZZZ
    SA 04 ZZZ
    SA 05 ZZZ
    SA 06 ZZZ
    SA 07 ZZZ
    SA 08 ZZZ
    SA 09 ZZZ
    SA 10 ZZZ
    SA 11 ZZZ
    SA 12 ZZZ
    SA 13 ZZZ
    SA 14 ZZZ
    SA 15 ZZZ
    SA 16 ZZZ
    TR 01 ZZZ
    TR 02 ZZZ
    TR 03 ZZZ
    TR 04 ZZZ
    TR 05 ZZZ
    TR 06 ZZZ
    TR 07 ZZZ
    TR 08 ZZZ
    TR 09 ZZZ
    TR 10 ZZZ
    TR 11 ZZZ
    TR 12 ZZZ
    ========================= copy above this

    for reference purposes:

    TR 01 Hic alius ... nostros terret.
    TR 02 Laocoon, sacerdos Neptuni ... mactabat.
    TR 03 Tum gemini serpentes... currunt.
    TR 04 Iamque agros ... lambebant.
    TR 05 Nos omnes fugimus ... petunt.
    TR 06 Primum parva ... devorantque.
    TR 07 Tum patrem fortem ... superant.
    TR 08 Nec se ... ad caelum tollit.
    TR 09 Eodem tempore ... acris.
    TR 10 Quod Laocoon ... acerbam nescivimus.
    TR 11 Portas patefacimus ... eum tangere gaudent.
    TR 12 Et quoque ... ullum solacium.

    Remember to send your assignment to ... don't forget the subject line!

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