Atrium Latin

Getting Started

1. As this course will be using Wheelock's Latin (6th revised edition, 2005), you need to get a copy! It is available from most large bookstores or can be ordered from Amazon (link over there on the right). You're (ideally) looking for the one with the green background to the title. If you can only get hold of the 6th edition with the orangeish cover (2000), that should suffice, but there will be differences here and there. I'll try to make such differences known when I can.

2. Subscribe to the LatinStudy group via the subscription page. That page will also give you a basic overview of how the course works, but in a nutshell, everyone in the group will be sending their weekly assignments to me (David Meadows) and I will collate them and post them to the Latin Study list (please read the section on formatting assignments below). Each person can then compare their translation to the other students and figure out where they need some work (I also add comments when they seem appropriate). The LatinStudy list also provides a forum to answer questions when you don't 'get' something.

3. Send me an email at indicating your interest (obviously you don't have to do this if you've already done it), and I'll send you a template to do the first assignment (templates are explained on the Formatting Assignments page; they're very important). Links to templates will be appended to collations as they are sent out.

4. Check out the schedule for your group for due dates (link at the right) and get to work!

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