Atrium Latin


Welcome to our Wheelock Study Groups provided under the auspices of the LatinStudy list. These courses are aimed at anyone who wants to study Latin on their own, but still have some support available for when the going gets tough. The coordinator of these Atrium Latin groups is David Meadows, who has taught Latin at various universities in the past as well as in another on line situation, and currently teaches in an elementary school in southern Ontario (not Latin, alas).

As of October, 2008 we have had two courses finish (Atrium Latin 2005, Atrium Latin 2006), have two in progress (Atrium Latin Themis, Atrium Latin Prometheus), and two just getting under way (Atrium Latin Romulus, Atrium Latin Remus).

If you are interested in 'signing up' and participating, please work your way through the menu on the right. It's probably best to begin the on Frequently Asked Questions page.

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