November 6, 2003

American Journal of Philology 124.3 (2003)

Purcell, Nicholas, The Way We Used to Eat: Diet, Community, and History at Rome

Wilkins, John, Land and Sea: Italy and the Mediterranean in the Roman Discourse of Dining

Roller, Matthew B., Horizontal Women: Posture and Sex in the Roman Convivium

Donahue, John F., Toward a Typology of Roman Public Feasting
Dunbabin, Katherine M D., The Waiting Servant in Later Roman Art

Scodel, Ruth, Warner and Shaw''s Medea

Porter, David H., Metamorphoses and Metamorphosis: A Brief Response
Masterson, Mark,The Sleep of Reason: Erotic Experience and Sexual Ethics in Ancient Greece and Rome (review)
Kapparis, K A., Interpreting a Classic: Demosthenes and His Ancient Commentators (review)
Davis, P J., The Cambridge Companion to Ovid, and: Ovid''s Poetics of Illusion (review)
Flaschenriem, Barbara, Reading Sulpicia: Commentaries 1475-1990 (review)
Braden, Gordon, The Genius to Improve an Invention: Literary Transitions (review)

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American Journal of Ancient History 2.1 (2003)

Shahbazi, A Shapur, Irano-Hellenic Notes. 3. Iranians and Alexander
Dmitriev, Sviatoslav, Livy''s Evidence for the Apamean Settlement (188 B.C.)

Fishwick, Duncan, Iconography and Ideology: The Statue Group in the Temple of Mars Ultor
Hurley, Donna W., The Politics of Agrippina the Younger''s Birthplace

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Classical Antiquity 22.2 (2003)

Bosworth, A Brian, Plus ca change.... Ancient Historians and their Sources

Hagemajer Allen, KatarzynaIntercultural Exchanges in Fourth-Century Attic Decrees
Johnstone, Steven, Women, Property, and Surveillance in Classical Athens

King, Charles, The Organization of Roman Religious Beliefs

Rives, James B., Magic in Roman Law: The Reconstruction of a Crime

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