Ages ago, assorted Bulgarian archaeologists' noses were out of joint because of 'unfair' coverage in National Geographic (one such nose belonged to Nicolay Ovcharov). Now, it seems, noses are similarly coming unjointed due to recent filming by the Discovery Channel. From

We should not allow to be treated as aborigines. This claimed the archaeologist prof. Nicolay Ovcharov in relation to the film about the Thracians that Discovery Channel is shooting.

According to Mr. Ovcharov the film has nothing to do with the initial idea of the British team – a complete presentation of the Thracian culture.

After the team was changes with an American one, it became clear that the film will focus only on the Thracian gold, prof. Ovcharov is worried.

It is as if the Thracians were only born to create golden jewels and to die, claimed Ovcharov and added that the rights of many Bulgarian archaeologists had been violated since their discoveries were presented as somebody else's.

Personally he was offended by the shooting of the Thracian golden mines in the village of Stremtzi – which he has the permission to explore.

They didn't ask me at all and they didn't inform me they would shoot. It is strange why they didn't want to shoot in Perperikon since these mines had been functioning to feed exactly the cult complex, asks prof. Ovcharov.

Prof. Ovcharov does not intend to sue the Discovery Channel team but will send a report to the Archaeological institute.

Nicolay Ovcharov informed that a team of the German ZDF TV had made a film about Tatul and Perperikon, which will be emitted in the prime time by the ARD channel.

The coverage from Novinite isn't that much different ...

While I don't understand why Peperikon hasn't been given more attention by the English documentary types like NG and DC, I still don't understand what purpose is served by Dr O's [fill in the negative emotional response of your choice here] whenever Kitov seems to be getting more attention.