In the wake of my posting video of the recent finds from Bulgaria, Rossitza Ohridska-Olson was kind enough to send in some photos:

Here's the recently-discovered mask in situ (credit: Professor Valeria Fol):

mask in situ

... and a ring which was also found (credit: Professor Valeria Fol):


Here's the story on the ring, from Novinite:

The excavations of Bulgaria's best-known archaeologist Georgi Kitov have yielded a second major find in as many days on Sunday.

After announcing the discovery of a golden mask and silver rhyton in a Thracian tomb on Saturday, Kitov is now making headlines after unearthing a massive gold ring, bearing the image of a bearded man.

Found in the same tomb, it also has an inscription, "Saviour of Asia" written in Greek, and is no less important a find than the gold mask, Kitov said.

The tomb appears to have belonged to a mighty Thracian chieftain, said Kitov, often dubbed the Bulgarian Indiana Jones.

Three years ago Kitov caused a furore after discovering one of the most sensational finds for Bulgaria's archaeologists ever - a 2,500-year-old unique gold mask, believed to depict the face of ancient Thracian king.

He is now excavating 14 tombs near the villages of Topolchane and Kaloyanovo in the Sliven region, southeastern Bulgaria.

The area is known as the "Thracian Kings Valley", which Kitov believes to be larger than it was initially thought.

The finds will be handed over to Sliven's history museum, while a Discovery Channel team is due to shoot a documentary of the three-month excavations.

Focus-Fen tells a bit more:

Sliven. A silver rhyton was found today during excavations of the TEMP expedition near the Bulgarian town of Sluven, the Mayor of the town Yordan Lechkov said in an interview for FOCUS Radio – Sliven.
Lechkov was introduced to the finding by the leader of the expedition Dr. Georgi Kitov.
On Friday two rings from Thracian ages and a vessel for washing feet were found at the same excavation site. At the moment the expedition continues excavations at the third and fourth of the marked hills.

More photos are accumulating at Yahoo ...