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~ Trying to Post ... Gmail invite?

Okay ... if I have to repost all this stuff, I might as well as for a gmail invite as long as I'm clicking ... anyone have one?

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~ grumble

posting difficulties ...

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~ Newsletters

Issue 7.49 of our Explorator newsletter is now up ... the weekly version of our Ancient World on Television listings will soon follow...

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~ @ the Auctions

More from Bonham's ... this time, it's an Etruscan frisbee player ... no, it's an Etruscan actor in a production of Oliver Twist ... or maybe it's just an Etruscan votive figure:


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~ Review from Scholia

Barbara Goward, Telling Tragedy -- Narrative Technique in Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides

::Sunday, April 03, 2005 9:54:35 AM::
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~ Reviews from BMCR

Edward Bulwer Lytton, Athens: Its Rise and Fall With views of the Literature, Philosophy, and Social life of the Athenian. Bicentenary edition Edited by Oswyn Murray

Nicholas F. Jones, Rural Athens Under the Democracy.

Harold Newman, Jon O. Newman, A Genealogical Chart of Greek Mythology.

Katherine M. D. Dunbabin, The Roman Banquet: Images of Conviviality.

Marco Formisano (ed.), P. Flavio Vegezio Renato. L'arte della guerra romana. Prefazione di C. Petrucelli, introduzione, traduzione e note di M. Formisano. BUR Classici Greci e Latini.

Eran Lupu, Greek Sacred Law. A Collection of New Documents (NGSL). Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 152.

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~ Camilla

No ... not that one; the one in the Aeneid ... Elaine Fantham was chatting about her on NPR ...

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~ Pontifex/Papa @ Sauvage Noble

Over at Sauvage Noble there's a nice piece on pontifex/papa ...

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~ Some Sunday Funnies

Some comics which crossed my desktop this week which might prove to be doorworthy include Speed Bump and Monty (the latter sent in by a Classics Central reader ... thanks JL!)

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~ AWOTV: On TV Today

7.00 p.m. |HINT| Time Team: Beauport Park, Sussex
A Roman bathhouse unearthed near a huge mound of iron slag near the golf course at Beauport Park, Sussex, England, leads host Tony Robinson (Baldrick in Blackadder) to ask: "What is a Roman bathhouse doing here completely on its own, 40 miles from the nearest Roman town?" The search for other Roman buildings is on. There could be a lost city or forgotten fort, and Time Team, aided by surveyors, geophysicists, and even a dowser, have just three days to find it. 

8.00 p.m. |HISTU| The True Story of Hannibal
One of history's greatest military leaders, at age nine Hannibal accompanied his father Hamilcar Barca on the Carthaginian expedition to conquer Spain. Before embarking, the boy vowed eternal hatred for Rome, his people's bitter rival. Twenty years later, in 218 BC, he left New Carthage (now Cartagena, Spain) to wage war on "The Eternal City" with an army of about 40,000, including cavalry and elephants. After crossing the Pyrénées and Rhône River, he traversed the Alps while beset by snowstorms, landslides, and hostile mountain tribes. This 2-hour special brings to life the story of the Carthaginian general who struck fear in all Roman hearts and wreaked havoc with his masterful military tactics, bringing the mighty Roman Republic to the brink of ruin. Archaeologists, historians, and military experts guide us through ancient Carthage and give insight into his military strategy up to defeat at Zama in 203 BC.  

HISTU - History Channel

HINT - History International

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