From the Post-Dispatch, inter alia, Pope John Paul commenting on the creation of the John Paul II Foundation:

In a speech on the 20th anniversary of the foundation in 2001, John Paul drew a parallel between the work of the Roman poet Horace and the work of Wesoly and the foundation. In an epilogue to his "Odes," published a generation before the birth of Christ, Horace said of his own poetry: "Exegi monumentum aere perennius," or "I have raised a monument more lasting than bronze."

"If the foundation, after 20 years of activity, can say 'exegi monumentum,'" said John Paul in his speech, "it is precisely with a view to shaping a spiritual monument in the hearts and minds of people, of environments and of whole societies, continually, and without noise. There is no monument of our time more magnificent and enduring than this one, forged in the bronze of science and culture."