I don't know about you, but usually when I watch Time Team (they're a couple (or more) years behind in programs here in the Great White North), I'm usually underwhelmed at what they actually find. Every now and then there's a mosaic or an interesting burial, but more often it's a pile of potsherds in the mud (or so it seems). As such, it definitely catches my eye when I read that they've found what appear to be four Roman Temples in Friar's Wash. In addition to outlines which may indicate temples (including a round one!), they've found assorted items dating from the 1st century AD down to Constantine's time (coins, etc.), including some lead curse tablets and some sort of 'stone deity' (for want of a better term). Full story, lacking many photos, alas, at the Advertiser. I imagine I'll be updating this page over the next few days.

TV team uncover four Roman temples near St Albans (Herts Advertiser)