Some tidbits ...

A bit of hype for the AIA side of the conference:

A good night out began at home in ancient Greece (New Scientist)
Ancient Greeks 'loved a good night in' say researchers (Telegraph)
For ancient Greeks ‘good hedonistic nights out’ were enjoyed at home (News Post)
Ancient Greeks' homes may have doubled as bars and brothels (Guardian)
Boozy ancient Greeks 'like Homer Simpson' (Metro)

Not sure this sort of 'reconstruction' is in accordance with my taste:

Reviving Ancient Scythopolis (Live Design)

Interesting modern art installation in Rome which makes use of a pile of Latin sayings:


Another review of Worshiping Women (I think it's the same that we've already seen):

Liberating ancient Greek women from myth (Washington Post)

Some ideas for teachers:

Redwood students bring Greek history to life (Mercury News)

Elsewhere, I note the full version of the Gnomon database (it's huge) is now available for downloading (!):