Suddenly swamped with tidbits ... presented in no particular order ...

Charlotte Higgins has written a followup to her piece on Herodotus from the other day:

Herodotus: a historian for today (Guardian)

A semi-touristy thing on the Riace Bronzes:

Quei magnifici «Bronzi di Riace» soli e abbandonati a se stessi (Il Tempo)

... and another one on the Casale Ghella (a Roman villa site excavated a few decades ago ... need to look more into this one; it looks interesting):

Casale Ghella sulla via Cassia (Vejo)

A touristy thing mostly on Ithaca:

No place like Homer (Age)

Blog post about a certain UK leader of the opposition's Classical 'knowledge' (tip o' the pileus to Percival Turnbull):

"As no less a sage than Eddie Murphy once said ..." (Sadie's Tavern)

Fans of celeb gossip will be interested to know Amy Winehouse is hanging out with Zeus:

Amy Winehouse's godly hunk (List)
Winehouse cavorts with new love (Age)

We mentioned this one a while ago, but Rossella Lorenzi is now covering the return-of-the-gladiators-to-Rome story for Discovery News:

Gladiators to 'Fight' Again at Rome's Colosseum

... I also note that issue 113.1 of the American Journal of Archaeology is out ...