An interesting hoard of 41 Nummi, a radiate and a forger's mould dating (somewhat vaguely stated) to the 4th century in some cases.

Vic Francis dixit:

"We can’t say exactly where we found the coins because we want to carry on looking there ... The coins have been examined at the British Museum and we now have them back."

The hoard includes 41 Roman Nummi, one radiate, one copper alloy pendant and one forger’s mould some of which are believed to date back to the 4th century.

Richard Abdy (from the British Museum) dixit:

" This group of common fourth century coins comes with an intriguing set of objects ... It is conceivable, but not entirely convincing, that the coins represent a small hoard of Constantinian nummi while the group of Valentinianic/Theodosian nummi may be unrelated finds or indeed form a second hoard ... Otherwise they more likely represent a gradual process of site losses over the course of the century in an area that had also seen specialist metal working activity in the form of coin forging."

Roman find in Chipping Sodbury (Gazette)