A few items of interest ...

A very nice BBC video report on an exhibition of Roman things in Seville, including a VERY interesting sculpture right at the beginning depicting the Battle of Actium:

Spain's Roman heritage on show

A nice touristy thing on Pompeii (tip o' the pileus to Mike Aquilina):

Pompeii today: Site of volcanic devastation reveals history at every turn (Post Gazette)

... and one on Vindolanda:

Vindolanda offers insight into Roman Britain (News.com)

On the origin of the term bankrupt (seems fairly reasonable; I might check it out later):

Failed bankers used to break tables - or banks (Gulf News)

T'other day we mentioned Colin Renfrew was going to blame the Met and praise the Getty for their acquisition policies; now he's softening his stance on the Met:

Lord Renfrew vs. the Met, Round 2 (LA Times)

Charlotte Higgins writes about Herodotus in the Guardian (tip o' the pileus to Laval Hunsucker):

The rest is history (Guardian)