I think I like the term 'breviaria' better than 'miscellanea' ... or at least I do this a.m. ...

Heavy rains are threatening the archaeological remains at Paestum:

Inizio 2009 sotto la neve Maltempo nel Meridione allagato lo stadio S. Paolo (Il Giornale)
Maltempo: forti piogge a Napoli (Leggo)

Brief item on the results of the excavation season at Famagusta-Bamboula (a Bronze Age citadel being excavated by the folks from the University of Cincinnati):

Excavations at Episkopi-Bamboula complete

The personal satisfaction which comes from learning New Testament Greek:

My Gospel masterpiece hanging on Archbishop’s wall (Belfast Telegraph)

On pleasure-seeking, ancient and modern:

Go on, enjoy yourself! Forget the gloom-mongers, the author of a book on pleasure says there's plenty of happiness around... (Daily Mail)

A piece on the Cassandras of Wall Street actually asked a Classicist (Dana Burgess of Whitman College) about the story of Cassandra:

The Cassandras (Weekend America)

An opeddish sort of thing which seems to be suggesting the incoming U.S. president might be a Caracalla (?!):

Inheriting An Empire (Indy Bay)

A touristy thing on Vindolanda:

Vindolanda offers insight into Roman Britain (News.com)

The Histrenact reenactment events diary page might be of interest:

Reenactment Events Diary