Assorted items of interest ...

Plans are afoot to establish the Carlisle Museum as "the base to explore the western end of Hadrian’s Wall":

£500,000 Roman plan for Carlisle museum (News and Star)

The recent rain in Rome has closed the Domus Aurea:

Rain shuts down Nero's palace in Rome (AP)

If you want to (somewhat anachronistically) eat Christmas dinner like a Roman emperor:

Eat Christmas dinner like a Roman emperor (Metro)
Christmas, the Roman way (Western Morning News)

... or ponder the connection between Mithras and Santa Claus:

Mithras and St. Nick (Area Wide news)

Interesting preservation-of-site story:

Roman townhouse find leads to 'fundamental' re-design of £30 million Leicester multi-storey (24 Dash)

The job action which affected the Acropolis and several other archaeological sites in Greece (while all the rioting is going on too!) is over:

Archeological sites opened after 10-day strike (Emportal)

Interesting suggestion for/about the Loeb Classical Library:

The Loeb Classical Library and a missed marketing chance (Boston Globe)

Baby Zeus? (potentially disturbing/shocking):

Doctor removes 'perfectly formed' FOOT growing inside baby's brain (Mail)