This one is just starting to hit the English press, but judging from the coverage by AP, it isn't going to get much better. German archaeologists have found evidence of a battle involving the Romans, in northern Germany -- specifically, near Kalefeld-Oldenrode (124 miles north of the Teutoburg Forest), and, get this, is dated to the early third century A.D.! The dating is based on a "well worn" coin of Commodus. Some 600 artifacts have been found, mostly weaponry (spears, arrowheads, catapult bolts and the like) and the German coverage acknowledges that the Germans of the time did make use of Roman weaponry, but there appears to be definite evidence of a 'Roman' presence.

Although the German archaeologists apparently held a press conference on all this, they don't appear to have generated very many quotes.

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UPDATE 01/02/09: the story is developing ... see Adrian Murdoch's comments on one of the theories now being proposed: Kalefeld and Caracalla (Bread and Circuses)