There's an article in the European Journal of Human Genetics making another link with Anatolia for the Etruscans ... here's the abstract (fwiw):

The origin of the Etruscans (the present day Tuscany, Italy), one of the most enigmatic non-Indo-European civilizations, is under intense controversy. We found novel genetic evidences on the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) establishing a genetic link between Anatolia and the ancient Etruria. By way of complete mtDNA genome sequencing of a novel autochthonous Tuscan branch of haplogroup U7 (namely U7a2a), we have estimated an historical time frame for the arrival of Anatolian lineages to Tuscany ranging from 1.1plusminus0.1 to 2.3plusminus0.4 kya B.P.

... not sure about the dating there; even on the 'outside' end, it seems a bit short, no?