From Balkan Travellers:

Macedonian archaeologists found over 100 new artefacts, dating to the early Roman period, at the Gabrevci site in the central part of the country.

130 ceramic vessels and deformed bronze objects were discovered during initial excavations, Trayche Nachev, head of the archaeological team, told national media on Sunday.

The new findings come a month after a ritual funeral coach was discovered at the site, according to media reports.

The area around the village of Konche and the town of Štip is rich in well-researched archaeological sites from different eras. Several tombs dating to the first century AD and the late Bronze period can be found near Konche, the Macedonian Information Agency wrote.

In addition, as reported in October, excavations of the medieval fortress of Isar in Štip yielded findings, including a one-nave church, that illustrated how life in the fortress was organised during different periods of its existence.