Teaching ab initio Ancient Languages to Postgraduates: Issues & Approaches
CALL FOR PAPERS: Deadline 4.30pm 12th December 2008

CSC (Classics in the History, Classics and Archaeology Subject Centre)
is sponsoring a no-charge one-day workshop to consider 'Teaching ab
initio Languages to
Postgraduates: Issues & Approaches' on Saturday 17th January 2009, which
will be hosted by the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the
University of Bristol.

The aims of the day are three-fold: to enable the identification of
common issues, to offer a variety of approaches, both strategic and
pedagogical, to surmounting those issues and to engage in discussion
within a community of practice that goes beyond individual departments.

The programme will feature a number of invited speakers whose work in
this area is known to the organisers, but because this is an area of
interest for all departments this call for papers is also being made.

Papers and sessions on any topic or theme relating to the subject of
teaching ancient languages to beginners' at postgraduate level are
Titles and brief abstracts (c. 250 words) should be sent by email with
the Subject 'Teaching PG languages Abstract' to g.liveley AT bristol.ac.uk
or e.r.okell AT durham.ac.uk by Friday 12th December 2008.

Further details of the workshop can be found at
initioPG_IssuesansApproaches_17_01_2009 where booking details appear and
the programme will be available in due course.

This call for papers appears online at
http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/hca/classics/events, where you can find out
more about the kinds of events that CSC and HCA organise (including
those in partnership with Departments) and the line-up for the next
couple of months. CSC expects to add more January events soon, so you
might wish to bookmark this page and revisit it.