From the Star:

Mikenna Everett, Flower Mound High School junior, captured third place in the Latin essay contest at the National Junior Classical League conference held at Miami of Ohio University.

“I was just really excited about placing,” Mikenna, 16, said.

She also finished 11th overall in the Latin prose contest held at the conference.

“My essay was about the aspects of Roman culture,” she said.

She prepared for the contests by reading about the culture.

Mikenna has participated in the Flower Mound Junior Classical League since her freshman year. She had competed each year, making it to area her first year and state and on to nationals her sophomore year, where she won her awards.

“I have been in the JCL since my freshman year, and I am the club president this year,” MiKenna said.

Adam Sales, Mikenna’s Latin teacher, had praise for her work ethics.

“Mikenna is a model student in every way,” Sales said. “She is very dedicated to her academics, her behavior is perfect and she is the kind of student every teacher likes to have in class.”

Sales has been teaching Mikenna for two years, but he added he didn’t think he would have her in class this year because of her schedule.

“She started with Latin I and had completed all the way to Latin IV in the two years I have been teaching her,” he said.

The honors at the conference pleased Sales.

“I was not surprised at the outcome,” Sales said. “She’s at the top of everything she does for the most part, and she makes it look effortless too.”

Besides her academic endeavors, Mikenna participates in the ROTC at Flower Mound. She is a Cadet Second Lieutenant in command of the color guard detachment. Her hobbies include reading, when she can and “hanging out with my friends.”

Her parents were happy about their daughter’s efforts at the conference.

“We were just thrilled with what she accomplished,” said Mark Everett via a telephone interview.

“We were proud she went and did so well,” said Laurel Everett, Mikenna’s mother.

As for what lies ahead for Mikenna, she wants to continue her Latin studies and attend Carleton College in Minnesota.

“It’s only a two-year college but I think I would like to go there,” Mikenna said.

She said she also would like to go again to the JCL national conference next year.