A couple of versions of this one kicking around ... this one is from news.bg:

The marble head of a statue of a Roman emperor was delivered in the National History Museum today from "Sofia Airport - Customs".

The head, most probably representing Octavian August, was found in a package sent from Haskovo to Western Europe.

It was part of a sculpture or a bust of the famous Roman emperor who conquered Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

According to NHM's director Bozhidar Dimitrov this is a piece of art with excellent qualities and the work of a master, probably dating back from I c. A.C.

"Findings of such a magnitude arrive once every 25 years", remarks Dimitrov.

er ... let's look at the accompanying photo:

Is it just me or does this thing not look like an ancient sculpture at all? Stunningly crisp lines, the nose and every other protruberance pretty much intact ... someone's yanking someone's chain, no?