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With this mail we send you information about a new MA program in Ancient Cultures and Societies at the University of Alberta. The program will start in September 2009 and the application deadline is January 21st 2009. Please, disseminate this information amongst your students.

For more information please contact Margriet Haagsma at the address or phone number below.
University of Alberta
Department of History and Classics
MA in Ancient Societies and Cultures

This two –year program is for students who wish to develop their personal research interests and critical skills within the general area of Ancient Societies and Cultures. Students are particularly encouraged to take inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches as part of their education and research. The program provides the possibility, for instance, to pursue advanced comparative studies in Greek, Roman and ancient Israelite historiography, cross-linguistic studies, ancient Mediterranean cross-cultural studies, research in ancient Indian and Hellenic contacts, ancient China; and comparative studies in ancient religions, societies, polities, built spaces and visual cultures.

Entrance Requirements

In addition to general departmental admission requirements, students should hold a BA either in Classics, History or a suitable related field (e.g., Religious Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology) and must demonstrate suitable preparation for the desired program of study, including a level of language preparation suitable for research on the primary sources, as applicable to the student’s program (e.g.,appropriate preparation in Greek, Hebrew, Latin and/or Sanskrit).

Program Requirements and resources

Program requirements include: a specified number of courses, proficiency in an ancient language of the area of specialization, a modern language requirement and a thesis which should normally be no more than 100 pages in length. Students should be able to complete the program in three or four terms depending on preparation and course selection. The University of Alberta has one of the best research libraries in Canada.


Ben Zvi, Ehud Hebrew Bible, intellectual history of ancient Israel, constructions of the past in ancient Israel.

Braun, Willi History of early Christian thought, social formation of early Christian associations

Fracchia, Helena Greek, Pre-Roman and Roman art and archaeology

Haagsma, Margriet Greek archaeology, the archaeology of domestic space

Harris, John Greek language, literature and philosophy

Hijmans, Steven Roman art and archaeology, Roman religion

Jay, Jennifer East Asia

Kemezis, Adam Roman literature and history

Kitchen, John Christianity in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Landy, Francis Hebrew Bible

Lynn-George, Michael Greek language and literature, Homeric epic

MacFarlane, Kelly Greek and Latin literature, Greek Music, The Persian wars

Mackay, Christopher Greek and Latin literature, Roman History

Nagel, Rebecca Latin literature, the Classical tradition in England

Parasher Sen, Aloka Ancient and Early Medieval Indian History up to 1200 AD

Pownall, Frances Greek history and historiography

Rossiter, Jeremy Archaeology of the Roman provinces

Stewart, Selina Greek and Ancient Near Eastern literature, historical linguistics, queer theory


Detailed information about application procedures and funding can be found on the department website:


Margriet J. Haagsma

Dept. of History and Classics

University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

T6G 2H4

Tel. ##-780-4922985

margriet.haagsma AT