An International Conference on ERÔS IN ANCIENT GREECE

Saturday 28 - Tuesday 31 March 2009
Organisers: Ed Sanders, Chiara Thumiger, Chris Carey, and Nick Lowe

One of the most exciting developments in recent classics research has been
in the field of ancient emotions and representations of the mind and self.
Within this rich field of inquiry, University College London and the
Institute of Classical Studies are hosting an international conference on
the topic of "Erôs in ancient Greece".

The conference will offer papers on a wide range of topics related to Erôs
as pathos or epithymia, including iconography associated with erotic
passions, Erôs as literary motif, and philosophical approaches. The
chronological span will be from the Archaic period to the Second Sophistic,
including reception.

Programme and booking details can be found at the conference webpage: