University of Bristol
Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition

Figures of Translation: A One-Day Symposium

Wednesday 3 December 2008

The practice and discussion of translation have sometimes been limited by the dormant metaphor ('carrying across') that the word 'translation' contains. Meaning, sense, character, or spirit - it is sometimes thought - can be taken out of one text and put into another. But this way of seeing the matter is both limited and misleading. Throughout literary history, translators have reached for other metaphors to describe what they are up to: archaeology, travel, conquest, interpretation, friendship, desire, loss, re-birth, trans-gendering, or metamorphosis. These metaphors might
possibly offer a more nuanced description of the work that translation does and may open the way to a better understanding of the faithful creativity that is the translator's paradoxical talent. This symposium will explore what it means to translate - and to read translations - in that light.


2.00 p.m.:
Dr Matthew Reynolds (St Anne's College, Oxford): Translation and Metaphor: McKendrick, Lakoff, Carson, Dryden, Pope

3. 15 p.m.:
Dr Tania Demetriou (St John's College, Oxford): George Chapman and The Translator's Mission

3. 35 p.m.:
Dr Victoria Moul (Trinity College, Oxford): Translation as Aggression?: Jonson's Sejanus

3. 55 p.m.:
Dr Paul Davis (University College, London): Something in it like Fatality: Translation and Necessitarianism.

4. 15 p.m.: Tea Break

4. 40 p.m.: General Discussion of issues raised by papers.

The celebration concludes at 6.00 with a drinks reception in the
Humanities Common Room. There will be an informal symposium dinner later in the evening, when members of the audience will have an opportunity to meet the speakers.

You are warmly invited to this event, which will take place on Wednesday 3rd December, Link Room 2, 3/5 Woodland Road (entrance for non-university members at 21 Woodland Road), starting at 2.00 pm. Could you inform Debra Blackmore-Squires, Faculty of Arts, room B3, 3-5 Woodland Road (telephone 0117 3317879, e-mail D.J.Blackmore-Squires AT if you intend to come, and whether you wish to attend the dinner.