From Emportal:

A mosaic floor from the Roman era, the largest ever to be found in the Balkans, was discovered by Bosnian archaeologists in Skelani, near Srebrenica, in the eastern part of Bosnia, media reported.

At a depth between 80 and 180 centimetres below the ground's surface, archaeologists discovered the ruins of buildings and streets of the Roman town, as well as the mosaic flooring that has been dated to the first century A.D. "

We have discovered the largest Roman mosaic ever to be found in the Balkans, and maybe even Europe", said the director of the local museum in Bijeljina, Mirko Babic, who heads the team of archaeologists.

"There are - he added - 40 square metres of mosaics unique for the diversity of colours, images and ornaments of marvellous vividness".

The ruins of buildings and streets discovered up to this point indicate, Babic said, that Skelani was a rich and important centre in the Roman era.

Can't figure out what Skelani would have been called in Roman times ...