Haven't done one of these in a while, but in the interest of getting my inbox to zero, I'll write them down here:

From Stuff:

The Greek historian Thucydides was the first to relate tsunamis to submarine quakes.

From the Daily Star (on Egyptian bride sacrifice):

The first is the Greek historian Plutarch who first invented it. Repeated by many Greeks, it told the story of a king known as Egyptos who offered his daughter as a sacrifice to the Nile to avoid the gods’ wrath.

After he did that he committed suicide by throwing himself in after her. Since then, Plutarch said, the Egyptians began to sacrifice a virgin every year.

From the Huffington Post:

If you seek a more extreme measure, in the famous panic of 33AD, Tiberius banned all interest payments for three years among other measures.

... on the latter, I've got this page bookmarked for further perusal ...

Last, but not least, from the Democrat Gazette:

Folks have been confused by the old lipstick on a pig aphorism ever since it was first written by Pliny the Elder in A. D. 77.