Okay ... time to vent. The folks at ANI have clearly a major need for a geography lesson and or some purging of their editorial department when it comes to items about the ancient world. A while back, we noted the howler wherein an original article about Roman remains in Cleveland (in the UK) had located the ruins to the U.S. without any apparent sense of anachronism (or whatever you want to call it) ... now this week, the Boston Globe had a very nice article on what the Iliad and Odyssey might tell us about ancient Troy which was morphed by the ANI folks into something suggesting Troy had just been 'rediscovered' .... but now, fulfilling the scholastic rule of three, they've hit the jackpot of stupidity by morphing the article (mentioned at rc) on the UBC (University of British Columbia) dig at Punta Secca and the mysterious burial there to something being done by the University of California, Berkley (sic). Twits.