Details of the programme of visiting speakers in the Leeds Classics department this semester are listed below. Most sessions take place at 3pm on a Wednesday, in room 101 of the Parkinson building at the University of Leeds. However, the programme also includes talks for the Leeds & District branch of the CA, which start at 5:30pm on varying days of the week - variations are noted on the list below.

All are very welcome to attend the sessions. Directions to the University and campus maps may be found here: If you have any queries, please direct them to myself (p.j.goodman AT or Prof. Malcolm Heath (m.f.heath AT

Programme for autumn 2008:

October 1st
Nick Lowe (Royal Holloway)
Lost Hollywood versions of Homer

October 15th
Mark Bradley (Nottingham)
The importance of colour on ancient marble sculpture

October 22nd
Rick Jones (Bradford)
Urbanisation and Inequality at Pompeii

October 29th
Katharine Earnshaw (Leeds)
ardens amor: Brothers in (each other's) Arms in Lucan's Ilerda Episode

November 3rd (CA Talk – starting at 5 for 5.30 pm)
Roderick Beaton (King’s College London)
Literature and the ‘Imagined Community’: the Making of Modern Greece

November 5th
Eleanor Dickey (Exeter)
Latin influence on Greek
Please note that this paper will start at 4pm, not the usual time of 3pm.

November 12th
Jacqueline Campbell (Manchester)
Pharaoh’s Pharmacy c. 1500 BC: a medical legacy?

November 19th
Andreas U. Schmidhauser (UEA)
Stoic Grammar

November 24th (CA Talk – starting at 5 for 5.30 pm)
Miriam Griffin (Oxford)
Nero from Zero to Hero

December 3rd
Sarah Francis (Leeds)
“It’s no use being cleverer than your doctor” - Ancient Greek Philosophers on the Medical Profession

December 10th
Clare Kelly Blazeby (Leeds)
Woman + wine = prostitute in classical Greece?