Edinburgh Classics Research Seminar 2008/2009

All seminars will take place on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. and, unless otherwise stated, in the Faculty Room North on the ground floor of the David Hume Tower in George Square.

Semester 1

1 October:

Professor Gregory Hutchinson (Oxford): 'Politics and the Sublime in Pliny's Speech to Trajan'

8 October (Conference Room DHT)

Professor Eberhard Sauer (Edinburgh): ‘A Late Antique Frontier Defence System in Northern Iran’

15 October

Dr Caroline Vout (Cambridge): ‘Rome as City of Seven Hills’

22 October (Conference Room DHT)

Professor Bruce Gibson (Liverpool): ‘Silius Italicus: a Consular Historian?’

5 November

Dr Luke Houghton (Glasgow): ‘Virgil's fourth Eclogue – Historical Soundings’

12 November

Dr Marek Weçowski (Warsaw): ‘Purposes of Ostracism: for a New Light on Some Old Potsherds’

19 November

Professor Angelos Chaniotis (Oxford): ‘The Ithyphallic Hymn for Demetrios Poliorketes and Hellenistic Religious Mentality’

26 November

Professor Malcolm Heath (Leeds): ‘The Best Kind of Tragic Plot: Aristotle's Argument in Poetics 13-14’

3 December

Dr Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh): 'An Idiot's Guide to Roman History: New Thoughts on the Breviarium of Festus'

Semester 2

21 January

Professor Timothy Barnes (Toronto/Edinburgh): ‘Christians in the Severan Empire’

28 January

Professor Keith Rutter (Edinburgh): ‘Coins and Cultures in Western Sicily’

4 February

Professor Michael Reeve (Cambridge): ‘The Vita Plinii and other Pliniana’

11 February

Professor Geoffrey B. Greatrex (Ottawa): ‘Patriarchs and Politics in sixth-century Constantinople’

25 February

Professor Michael Fulford (Reading): ‘Going down! The Silchester Insula IX Town Life Project 1997–2009’

4 March

Dr Jane Lightfoot (Oxford): ‘Dionysius the Periegete’

11 March

Professor Giovan Battista D’Alessio (KCL): ‘A Greek Lyric Poet from Samos to Ghazni’

18 March

Professor Tim Cornell (Manchester): title tba

25 March

Professor Joseph Roisman (Colby College): ‘Alexander’s the Great Veterans’