From the Famagusta Gazette:

The Department of Antiquities has announced the completion of the second excavation season by the University of Manchester team, under the directorship of Dr Lindy Crewe at Kissonerga-Skalia settlement.

According to an official announcement, “the second season of excavations at the Early–Middle Bronze Age settlement of Kissonerga-Skalia was carried out.

The village of Kissonerga near Paphos has previously yielded archaeological evidence dating from the very first Neolithic occupation of Cyprus and also an important Chalcolithic settlement but this is the first time that a research project has extended the prehistoric settlement of Kissonerga into the Bronze Age.

Evidence from the pottery and architectural styles from the first season had indicated that occupation around Kissonerga extended into the second millennium BC, before abandonment around 1700 BC”.

The test trenches of the first season in 2007 had revealed the presence of preserved houses and other structures of the Early-Middle Cypriot Bronze Age (from 2400–1700 BC) and during 2008 the aim was to further extend these trenches to expose more of the settlement.