Call for Papers

The meeting will include seven sessions for the presentation of
scholarly papers (each speaker will deliver their paper in 20 minutes):

1) *Law: * Liminality in ancient law: This session explores how the laws
of Greece, Rome and the Near East treated those whose behaviour broke
with what was acceptable for their legal status or whose circumstances
meant that they could not be treated according to existing laws. Topics
for examination could include gender, age, and citizenship. Papers can
examine, for example, how ancient law coped with trans-gendered
individuals, persons who claimed to be free but were claimed by others
as slaves, military deserters, women wishing to act as legally
independent, or non-citizens engaged in legal transactions with citizens.

2) *Near Eastern/Classical Interconnections*: This panel seeks papers
that explore connections/relationships between the lands of the Near
East (Egypt, Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Asia Minor) and the
Classical world. Such topics could include not only trade, migrations,
colonization, cultural influences and hybridization, but also
interconnections at the level of the individual, be it private (e.g.,
soldiers’ experiences in foreign lands, cross-cultural gender
relationships), or public (e.g., governors and the enforcement of
political policies or administration in distant provinces).

3) *Tensions and Conflict in the Private Sphere*: This session will
explore negative interactions (e.g., power struggles) among individuals
or groups at the level of the household or other non-public spheres of
human activity.

4) *Aspects of Personal Adornment*: This panel will focus on the ways in
which personal adornment (clothing, jewelry, branding, hairstyles,
accessories, military insignia, cosmetics) as is known through artistic
representations, literature, historical texts and archaeology,
emphasizes or advertises one’s social class, ethnicity, occupation, age,
gender, or religious affiliation.

5) *Contests and Competition*: Vancouver , 2010 – The Winter Olympics!
Competition can take a variety of forms, not only in the realm of
athletics, but also in politics, law, economy and warfare. Papers could
focus on sporting events, elections, funerary games, gladiatorial games,
or legal cases. Emphasis can be placed on the strategies by which
individuals, or groups of individuals, attain power, status, prestige
through competition.

6) *Religion*: This panel seeks papers that explore ritual acts, aspects
of worship, belief, household religion, and/or individual expressions of

7) *Open session*: This session is open to the submission of papers that
do not fit into any of the above categories.

Please send abstracts of *no more than 500 words* using the Proposal
Form (available on the webpage) preferably by email (as attachments or
text of message) using the subject heading “I love the AAH” to Leanne
Bablitz, at lbablitz(at), or mail (as hard copies) to:

Leanne Bablitz
Re: AAH abstracts
Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies
BUCH C 1866 Main Mall
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 Canada

All abstracts must be received by *November 15th , 2008.