From the Cyprus Mail:

CONSTRUCTION workers in Larnaca yesterday uncovered three sarcophagi on site, two of which are said to be important finds dating from 500BC.

The find happened yesterday morning on Demetri Liopetri Street in Larnaca opposite the Metropolitan Church of Christ and all work was halted while the Antiquities Department was informed.

Department director Pavlos Flourentzos said: “The tomb has yielded three sarcophagi, two of which are very rare, if not unique.”

Flourentzos said one sarcophagus was shaped in the human form of a woman. “It has a very classical Greek influence and is made of marble,” he said.

“This is important because in Cyprus, as you know, there is no marble, so the material with which it is constructed was imported.”

He said where it had been imported from would be determined by further study of the tomb.

“The only similar sarcophagus found in Cyprus was found in Amathus. Therefore this is a very rare sarcophagus.”

Also, yesterday’s find had retained traces of coloured paint, which the Amathus sarcophagus had not.

“The second sarcophagus is also quite rare, and also made of marble,” Flourentzos said, adding that it was richly decorated.

“The third is a typical ancient sarcophagus of the type found in other tombs in Larnaca,” he said.

Excavations will continue at the site over the next few days. “We hope to find the other artefacts that may have been in the tomb,” he added.