From Today's Zaman:

An ancient fountain has been uncovered at the site of the ancient city of Kaunos, in the district of Köyceğiz in the Aegean province of Muğla.

The head of the archaeological work at the Kaunos site, Professor Cengiz Işık, explained that very significant, historically important findings are currently being made by his team.

Işık said recent digs focused on revealing and cleaning the “diazoma,” or walking corridors, that emerge from the vaulted entrance to the east side of the ancient theater in Kaunos have also uncovered new entrances that are linked to the walking corridors by stairways. Işik noted that the next step had been for his team to remove the pile of gravel and stones near the northern vaulted entrance of the theater and that, in doing so, they had discovered a fountain that had been “specially designed for the theater.”

The 25-person archeology team at Kaunos will continue their work there until Oct. 15, Professor Işık said, adding: “We are working to rescue Kaunos from simply being in ‘ruins,’ and to instead turn it into an ancient site ready to receive visitors. Our project includes actual digging, restoration, repairs and experimental archeological work, as well as archeological park projects. The digs going on at Kaunos are attracting the attention of both locals and foreigners. A lot of the visitors coming to Kaunos want more information about precisely what it is we are doing.”

Speaking about plans for the future of the site, Işık also stated that there is a project in the works to hold a small concert at the ancient Kaunos theater. “In this way we will both be able to thank the people who have supported our work, in addition to increasing the available information about Kaunos, turning it into a better-known ancient site.”