From World Bulletin:

Figures of a loggerhead sea turtle, "Caretta caretta", was for the first time seen on a mosaic in a historical bath belonging to Roman period that has been recently unearthed in Issus ancient city in Erzin town of the southern province of Hatay.

Nizamettin Duran, Culture & Tourism Director of the province, said on Tuesday that there were more than 22 animal and flower figures carved on the mosaic in the bath complex, adding that no Caretta caretta figure had been seen so far in excavations carried out in Hatay.

Duran said there were warm and hot water systems, sauna and pool in the bath complex where they had also found earthenware, coined money and sculpture.

No photo of the mosaic, alas, but there is a nice photo of the excavations including the hypocaust:

I'm not familiar with Erzin ... anyone know what its ancient name was?