From the Rugby Observer:

THE development of a massive new housing suburb on the Rugby Radio Station mast site could hold the key to solving a two millennium old mystery that changed the face of Britain forever.

It it believed the land - earmarked for 6,500 new homes - could be the location of queen Boudicca's last battle, where her Iceni tribe fell to their final defeat against the invading forces of the Roman empire.

Although the exact location of her death - circa AD 60 - has never been officially identified, there is a consensus among historians that it was somewhere along what is now the A5 in the West Midlands.

And descriptions of the battle's location make the mast site a good fit, according to Coun Leigh Hunt who is leading the calls to preserve its historical significance.

The land is not thought to have ever been subject to an archaeological dig, but one could finally happen as any planning agreement with developers would be likely to include a condition that at least a partial excavation is carried out before construction work starts.

While underground copper cabling is likely to have destroyed any remains underneath the masts, there are other areas which could be dug up to help shed new light on the Boudicca's ill-fated attempt to defeat Britain's Roman invaders.

"There are no plans to develop north of Clifton brook so there would be the opportunity for further research there," said Coun Hunt.

"Rugby could have a major national tourist attraction. We are talking about the death of the original Britons."

Coun Hunt is calling for developers to include a heritage centre on the site when it is eventually built on. It is hoped that any planning agreement between the council and landowners BT would include a condition to
provide such a centre to help preserve the land's significance both as a vital communications site and a potential ancient battleground.