Woohoo! We've just turned five! In terms of statistics, I don't really trust the Technorati thing down there (which is very irregular at keeping up with rc, despite daily pings) and the Sitemeter and Statcounter buttons seem to have a discrepancy on the order of the tens of thousands. Perhaps Google Analytics is a bit more accurate: in the past month we've had 12, 641 visits from 7,666 visitors. Those visitors came from 107 different countries and spent an average of 1:08 (one minute, eight seconds) on the site -- I used to have an email tagline "Rogueclassicism: it only takes a minute"; I guess that still applies! Interestingly, users of Internet Explorer seem to have taken the lead (49%) over Firefox (39%), which is a definitely different trend than in the past (albeit with a different 'analysis' tool). Also of interest is that only 5% of rogueclassicism readers still use dialup!

In any event, thanks for coming out! I hope rogueclassicism has proven useful to you in the past quinquennium and will continue to be so for years to come!

Oh ... and since it is rc's blogiversary, it must also be NT Gateway's! So let's send our congrats to Mark Goodacre as well!