FINAL PROGRAMME: Institute for the Study of Slavery conference
Slaves, Cults and Religions, 8-10 September 2008
Rutland Hall, University of Nottingham

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Monday 8th September
12-2.00pm Registration (Rutland Hall)
VENUE FOR ALL SESSIONS: The Library, Rutland Hall

Session 1
2.00pm Introduction (Dick Geary & Stephen Hodkinson)

2.15-4.00pm Rachel Zelnick-Abramovitz (Tel-Aviv)

Cults of Reversal and Slaves in Ancient Greece

Kirsten Bedigan (Glasgow)
Slaves and secrecy: Slave participation in the mystery cult of the Kabeiroi
Esther Eidinow (Newman)

‘What will happen to me if I leave?’: Ancient Greek Oracles, Slaves and Slave Owners

4.00-4.30pm Tea/Coffee
Session II
4.30-6.15pm Deborah Kamen (Washington)

Manumission, Social Rebirth, and Healing Gods in Ancient Greece

Annalisa Paradiso (Basilicata)

Drimachus, the Kindly Hero
Emily Fairey (CUNY)
Slaves of the Sun: Cult syncretism and ideological unity in Classical slave rebellions

6.15pm Bar open
7.00pm Dinner (bar open afterwards)

Tuesday 9th September
Session III
9.45-10.45am KEYNOTE PAPER
John North (UCL)

Ritual activity in the lives of Roman slaves: opportunities and restraints

10.45-11.15am Coffee/Tea
Session IV
11.15-12.25 Doug Lee (Nottingham)

Religion and the Social Status of Roman Slaves

Niall McKeown (Birmingham)

‘Witchcraft’, slavery and resistance among ancient Roman slaves

12.30pm Bar open

1.00pm Lunch

Session V

2.15-4.00pm Bassir Amiri (Franche-Comté)

The Apollon of Slaves and Freedmen

Karin Neutel (Groningen)

Slaves Included? Participation and Pollution in two Ancient Religious Groups

David Wyatt (Cardiff)

Sex, Sin and Slavery in Early Medieval England

4.00-4.30pm Tea/Coffee

Session VI

4.30-5.45pm Júnia Ferreira Furtado (UFMG)

The Journey Home: A Freed Mulatto Priest, Cipriano

Pires Sardinha and his Religious Mission to Dahomey

Manuel Barcia Paz (Leeds)

‘The Deepest of Silences?’ Disguised and Nonviolent

Forms of Slave Resistance on Cuban Plantations, 1790-1850

6.00pm Bar open

7.00pm Dinner

Wednesday 10th September
Session VII
Joseph Miller (Virginia)
In the Eyes of the Beholders or the Believers? Viewing ‘Religion’ and Enslavement
10.30-11.00am Coffee/Tea
11.00-12.45 Christabelle Peters (Nottingham)
The African Museum: Black Cultural History in the Public Sphere in Cuba
Douglas Cole Libby (UFMG)
Infant Slave Baptisms and Religious Practices in Brazil: The
Parish of São José das Mortes (Minas Gerais), 1750-1850
Dick Geary (Nottingham)
‘The Rights of Man’ or ‘African Call to Holy War’: Religion,
Ideology and Slave Resistance in Brazil, 1780-1850
12.45-1.00pm The Next Conference, 2010
1.00pm Lunch