The incipit of an item from the Independent:

Carlyle, the US-based private equity giant, is expected to complete the acquisition of De La Rue's cash systems business as early as today, and will reveal a new identity with a distinctly Ancient Greek flavour.

The new company, formerly known as De La Rue Cash Systems Division, is to be named Talaris when the takeover completes, after the groups agreed a deal worth £360m in June.

The Basingstoke-based group employs 2,300 and specialises in cash handling technology as well as consulting and project management. In its former incarnation it installed the world's first automated teller machine at Barclays Bank in London in 1967.

The new name comes from the winged sandals of Hermes, the ancient Greek messenger god who was also the god of commerce. Talaris boss Tracey Graham said: "Talaris will emulate his speed, efficiency and agility."

... and hopefully will not emulate Hermes' thieving proclivities!