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8/28/08: Contribute to the Greek and Latin Treebanks at Perseus!

We are currently looking for advanced students of Greek and Latin to
contribute syntactic analyses (via a web-based system) to our existing
Latin Treebank (described below) and our emerging Greek Treebank as
well (for which we have just received funding). We particularly
encourage students at various levels to design research projects
around this new tool. We are looking in particular for the following:

* Get paid to read Greek! We can have a limited number of research
assistantships for advanced students of the languages who can work for
the project from their home institutions. We particularly encourage
students who can use the analyses that they produce to support
research projects of their own.
* We also encourage classes of Greek and Latin to contribute as
well. Creating the syntactic analyses provides a new way to address
the traditional task of parsing Greek and Latin. Your class work can
then contribute to a foundational new resource for the study of Greek
and Latin - both courses as a whole and individual contributors are
acknowledged in the published data.
* Students and faculty interested in conducting their own original
research based on treebank data will have the option to submit their
work for editorial review to have it published as part of the emerging
Scaife Digital Library.

To contribute, please contact David Bamman (david.bamman AT or
Gregory Crane (gregory.crane AT