The New York Times reports, inter alia:

Another drama, “Cupid,” is about a character “who may or may not be the Roman god of love,” ABC said.

... here's a bit of a gloss from TV Series Finale (from back in October):

It’s not often that a series gets a second chance but that’s just what’s happening with the cult favorite show Cupid.

Cupid debuted on September 26, 1998 on ABC. The series starred Jeremy Piven as Trevor Hale, a man who believes that he is the mythological Cupid. As punishment for his arrogance, he’s been sent to Earth by Zeus to connect 100 couples without using his powers. Not surprisingly, he finds himself in an institution and is put under the care of Chicago psychologist Dr. Claire Allen (Paula Marshall). The state mental health board agrees to Trevor’s release providing that Claire continue to monitor his progress, a professional situation made all the more difficult when the two begin to fall for one another.

Cupid was one of the early projects by writer Rob Thomas who went on to create the very popular (yet ratings-challenged) Veronica Mars. Though Cupid was cancelled after only 15 episodes (one of those left unaired), the series attracted a small but devoted group of fans. They’re likely going to be very happy to hear that Cupid is coming back, albeit in a new form.

As part of a previously announced development deal, ABC has now asked Thomas to develop a new version of Cupid.

... can't recall ever having seen it ...