Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean

Madrid, Spain, 18-20 September 2008

This conference will seek to explore the contribution of maritime
archaeology to the understanding of trade and exchange in the region
of the ancient Mediterranean. Papers will examine issues such as sea
routes and trade patterns, the links between shipwrecks and the
ancient economy and between land-based archaeology and maritime
commerce. The conference will also concentrate on the evidence from
ports and shipwrecks and their connections with wider Mediterranean
trading networks. Finally there will be a special session devoted to
Egyptian production, ports and trading routes.

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Session 1: Maritime archaeology and trade

1. Prof. Josep Padró

Department of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Barcelona

The maritime commerce between the eastern and western Mediterranean
between 1200 and 200

2. Prof. Andrew Wilson

All Souls College and Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Maritime trade from 200 BC – 1000 AD

3. Prof. Pascal Arnaud

Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Nice, University Nice – Sophia Antipolis

Ancient sea-routes and trade patterns

4. Prof. Elizabeth Green

Department of Classics, Brock University

Eastern Mediterranean Interconnections: From Shipwrecks to Models of an Archaic Economy

5. Dr Sean Kingsley

Research Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, University of Reading

Please mind the Gap: the ‘Byzlamic’ maritime revolution in Israel

6. Prof. Jaime Alvar and Dr Mirella Romero

Department of History, University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Underwater archaeology in Spain and the history of ancient seafaring

Session 2: Ports, trade and maritime connectivity

7. Franck Goddio

European Institute of Underwater Archaeology

The harbours of the Alexandrian coast (Heracleion-Thonis and Alexandria)

8. Dr Rocío Gutiérrez

Coordinadora General de Museos, Melilla

Russadir-Melilla and the Mediterranean in the Punic period

9. Dr Josephine Quinn

Worcester College and Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Coastal Connectivity in Hellenistic North Africa

10. Prof. Cheryl Ward

Department of Anthropology, Florida State University

Pirates, vintners and lumberjacks in Rough Cilicia

11. Prof. John Oleson

Department of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria

Technology, innovation and trade: Research on the engineering
characteristics of Roman maritime concrete

12. Candace Vaden

Exeter College, University of Oxford

Connectivity and Ports

13. Katia Schörle

St Cross College, University of Oxford

Constructing port hierarchies: harbours as indicators of global and
local interconnectivity

14. Benjamin Russell

Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford

Lapis transmarinus: stone-carrying ships and the maritime distribution
of stone in the Roman Empire

15. Karen Heslin

Merton College, University of Oxford
Approaching the Roman Wine Trade from the Mediterranean Hinterland: A
Study of Dolia Shipwrecks

16. Dr Theodore Papaioannou

St John’s College, University of Oxford

A reconstruction of the maritime trade patterns originating from
western Asia Minor during Late Antiquity, on the basis of ceramic

17. Prof. Robert Hohlfelder

Department of History, University of Colorado, Boulder

Maritime Connectivity in Late Antique Lycia: a Tale of Two Cities,
Aperlae and Andriake

Session 3: Egyptian maritime trade

18. Dr Francisco Martín Valentín

Director of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Egypt, Madrid

Egyptian commerce with the eastern Mediterranean in the time of Amen-
hotep III and Aj-en-aton

19. Dr David Fabre

European Institute of Underwater Archaeology

The organisation of maritime trade in Ancient Egypt: The example of

20. Dr María Antonia García Martínez

Tamkang University of Taipei and Alcalá University, Madrid

Egyptian influence on the Atlantic Littoral of the Iberian Peninsula
in the pre-Roman periods

21. Julian Whitewright and Dr Lucy Blue

Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton

Production for export: the evidence from around Lake Mariotis

22. Teresa Bedman

Institute for the Study of Ancient Egypt, Madrid

The trade relations during the reign of Hatshepsut: the expedition to
the Punt