From ThaIndian:

Archeologists have unearthed a mosaic and an iron furnace from the Roman period, as well as a marketplace, through excavations of the ancient city of Pompeipolis, located in the western Black Sea city of Kastamonu in Turkey.

According to Professor Latife Summerer, the head of the excavations and a lecturer at Munich University, a team of 39 people was working on the excavations and they had made their findings in a very short time.

She added they had found more artifacts that they had expected during the three-year excavations.

As works progress in the Pompeipolis ancient city, which was founded around 64 to 65 B.C. by the Roman commander Pempeius Magnus, the team is discovering a great deal of information about the historical structure of the city.

Last year the excavations uncovered the Temple of Augustus, a Turkish bath, a drainage system and the ruins of a villa from the late Roman period.

History is hidden in this ancient city. We have so far found many things and this is the beginning of excavations, Summerer told Turkish Daily News.

When the work finishes, we will have significant information about the history of city structures of that period, she said.

According to Tathkopru Mayor Mustafa Gunay, the findings were expected to make a great contribution to Black Sea tourism and that the municipality would provide its support to the excavations.

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