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Archaeologists digging near the town of Cioroiu Nou, in Dolj country in southern Romania, have come across a Roman fort that might have been the capital of the province of Dacia Malvensis.

“We’ve made some important discoveries. We’re almost certain that we’ve unearthed the capital of Dacia Malvensis, something archaeologists were searching to find for hundred of years,” Mihai Fifor, director of Oltenia Muzeum, told the local press agency NewsIn.

Dolj country is located in southern Romania and almost two millennia ago it was part of the Roman province of Dacia Malvensis.

Until now, it was believed that the province got its name from its capital Malva, like Dacia Porolissensis which was named after its capital Porolissum, but archaeological evidence could not empower the theory.

“We’re waiting for a confirmation that it really is Malva. Our experts from the University of Craiova are currently analyzing an inscription we’ve found. It is the first time an inscription bears the name of this Roman city,” said Fifor.

Due to the outbreak of the Marcomanic Wars, when German tribes forced the border of the Roman Empire, Emperor Marcus Aurelius split the Dacian province in three financial districts, Dacia Porolissensis, Dacia Malvensis and Dacia Apulensis and added another legion to the one already present in Dacia.

Other important findings have been reported near the town of Cioroiu Nou.

Archaeologists have discovered a temple, a necropolis, administrative and military buildings all suggesting the presence of a Roman fort. Additionally, statues, coins, weapons and ceramics were discovered.

The site may become one of the most important in Romania.

According to Mihai Fifor, if it really is Malva, they will turn the site into an archaeological park similar to that from Carnuntum in Austria.