The Research Institute of Classics of the University of Wales, Lampeter
is pleased to announce the 2009 Gregynog Classics Colloquium. The
Colloquium will take place on 21-22 May 2009 in the familiar setting of
Gregynog and its theme will be 'Wealth in the Ancient World'. We aim to
gather a series of papers approaching wealth from a variety of angles:
economic and social developments, literary representations,
philosophical discussions. Archaeological and iconographical studies
will be welcome too.

We intend to offer a multi-disciplinary discussion of a complex theme,
which must necessarily rely on a variety of abilities and approaches.
The participation of graduate students is especially encouraged: we
would like to have at least one panel devoted to the presentation of
current doctoral research.

We anticipate that we would like to pursue the publication of the
Colloquium's proceedings in an edited book.

For manifestations of interest, you are welcome to email
e.bissa AT and/or f.santangelo AT

The deadline for prospective papers is the 31st of October 2008.