The Research Institute of Classics, University of Wales, Lampeter is pleased to announce:

Priests and State in the Roman World
An International Conference
University of Wales, Lampeter
28-30 August 2008

Thursday 28 August

1.30-1.50 Arrival to Roderic Bowen Centre; coffee
1.50-2.00 Welcome

Priestly colleges and the state (Chair: J. Reynolds)

2.00-2.40 J. North (London), ‘Lex Domitia revisited’
2.40-3.20 J. Rüpke (Erfurt), ‘Different colleges – never mind?’

Coffee break

Priests, peace, and the state (Chair: J. North)

3.30-4.10 J. Rich (Nottingham), ‘Roman Priests and Roman War’
4.10-4.50 F. Santangelo (Lampeter), ‘Pontiffs and pax deorum’

Coffee break

Priests and the records of the state (Chair: J. Rich)

5.00-5.40 T. Cornell (Manchester), ‘Cato and the tablet of the pontifex maximus’
5.40-6.20 J. Richardson (Lampeter), ‘The Vestal Virgins and the Chronicle of the pontifex maximus’


Friday 29 August

Priestesses and the State (Chair: T. Cornell)

9.30-10.10 F. Glinister (London), ‘The Salian Virgins’
10.10-10.50 E. Isayev (Exeter), ‘Just the right amount of priestly foreigners: Roman citizenship for the Greek priestess of Ceres’

Coffee break

Priests and the Empire (Chair: J. Rüpke)

11.10-11.50 A. Raggi (Pisa), ‘Religion in Municipal Laws?’
11.50-12.30 A. Dalla Rosa (Pisa-Cologne), ‘Auspicia of the emperor and the proconsuls’

1.00-2.00 Lunch

Priests, Church and State (Chair: S. Mitchell)

2.10-2.50 M. Humphries (Swansea), ‘Towards a new pontifex maximus? Roman Church and Roman State in Late Antiquity’

Coffee break

Priests in the Empire I (Chair: M. Humphries)

3.10-3.50 A. Clark (Oxford), ‘Magistri and ministri in Roman Italy’
3.50-4.30 R. Häussler (Osnabrück), ‘State and Religion in Gallia Narbonensis’
4.30-5.10 B. Goffaux (Lille), ‘Priests and Provincial Organization in Hispania Citerior’

Conference dinner

Saturday 30 August

Priests in the Empire II (Chair: E. Isayev)

9.00-9.40 B. Rossignol (Paris), ‘Municipal and provincial priests from the Danubian provinces (Pannonia, Dacia, Moesia superior)’
9.40-10.20 L. Capponi (Newcastle), ‘Priests and State in Roman Egypt’

Coffee break

Priests in the Empire III (Chair: I. Barton)

10.40-11.20 J. Reynolds (Cambridge), ‘Priests in Cyrenaica’
11.20-12.00 S. Mitchell (Exeter), ‘The origins of emperor worship under Augustus - a new look at Galatia’


Buffet lunch

There is a number of places available. If you would like to attend and/or book accommodation on campus, please email the conference organisers (James Richardson: j.richardson AT; Federico Santangelo: f.santangelo AT by Monday 11 August 2008.